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How to Choose a Christian Webinar

Spirituality is an important element in the life of every human being. It helps them recognize that there’s an authority higher than themselves and to connect with that reality. As a Christian, you have to ensure you grow spiritually. You will live a victorious life and affect the lives of others. Thus, you have to feed your inner man continuously. You may not be able to attend a physical fellowship due to a hectic schedule and maintaining a physical distance. In such instances, webinars can prove much helpful. On the other hand, you’ll find many webinars that do not offer similar spiritual values. For this cause, it’s vital to choose cautiously. Make sure you use these tips when choosing a Christian webinar.

You should factor in your needs. Christian webinars operate differently; some bring only one pastor, while others have many different preachers. The first case is good because a preacher can have enough time to teach a series, giving you a deeper understanding of a subject. On the other hand, the preachers will cover different topics, giving you a better understanding of different subjects; however, you may not have adequate knowledge to help you grow. Therefore, you should determine your needs to choose the best.

Ask around. So many Christians around you listen to webinars. You can talk with them to know which webinars they listen to. Ask questions that will enable you to determine the suitability of their webinars. Look into elements like the friendliness of the platform, the quality of preachers, the duration of preaching, and the soundness of doctrine. If these people comment negatively about a webinar, it possibly isn’t a good match. However, you should take recommendations cautiously as some things that matter to you may not matter to others. For example, a person may disqualify a webinar due to how the preacher is dressed, the program, and more elements.

Make sure you reflect on the preachers. The people preaching on webinars are among the most vital elements. You want to listen to a person who will help you grow to a big extent. Make sure the preacher is someone you would like to emulate. Also, listen to the people you know and research the preachers online to ensure they are committed to sound doctrine. A preacher who has been around for years is a good choice because they have a vast knowledge of doctrine. Finally, consider the church this preacher shepherds to see if they have benefited from the preacher’s preaching.

Factor in the time. Christian webinars are broadcasted at different times. The big challenge is that of different time zones. You may not, thus, be comfortable with the time various webinars are live. Therefore, before choosing a webinar, it is crucial to ensure their time matches your schedule so that you can easily follow their programs. In addition, it would be helpful if the webinars were recorded and uploaded on different platforms such as Facebook to listen to them during your free time and revisit matters you didn’t understand for clarity.

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